Tobermory 20 from the Whiskybroker – Taking Spices New Places

After a busy week, it’s back to another Whiskybroker expression, this time from the Isle of Mull and its single, two branded distillery – Tobermory.

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I introduced the Whiskybroker in depth in the Springbank post, so with no further ado, I’ll head to the tasting notes on this lovely Tobermory.

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Whiskybroker Tobermory 20 Year Old – Christmas Edition Hogshead 188063, Distilled 14.04.1994, Bottled 18.11.2014, Yield of 285 Bottles (51.1% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Light gold, thin and rather slow forming legs.

Nose: Honey and spice, vanilla, pepper, malt, coconut, powdered cinnamon, apple cider, a fresh fruit basket, feijoa fruit. Water enhances the fruity and floral on the nose.

Palate: Pepper, white pepper, honeysuckle, honey, soda candy. Water brings out the pepper with force, inching it toward the cayenne pepper and the honey almost disappears. Water makes this a real spice bomb.

Linger: Long sweetness on the tongue, with underlying spice, pepper in the back of the throat, and water brings the spices up a notch with some floral notes.


This is Tobermory as different as they get from the wonderfully sherried Tobermory 15. Different, mind you, but not in a bad way, just with a completely different flavor profile – the spice colossus – and in flavor far more than in the nose. At £41, this was a steal.

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