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I’ve been tasting quite a few Whiskybroker bottlings lately (with reviews of a Tobermory 20, Arran 18 and Linkwood 24 on their way) and , and last night opened my latest acquisition from that independent bottler, an 18 year old Springbank which came out of a sherry hogshead.

Photo Credit: @whiskybroker

Photo Credit: @whiskybroker

The Whiskybroker is really just that, and acting as an independent bottler is just part of the business. Martin has a small, husband and wife operation, that buys and sells casks and shares of them (hence the “broker”), bottles and has their own independent bottling label (Whiskybroker), and keep their prices very reasonable. My next bottle has already been bought, but didn’t make its way to Israel yet.

Photo Credit: scotchwhiskyauctions.com

Photo Credit: scotchwhiskyauctions.com

Whiskybroker Springbank 18 Year Old Sherry Hogshead 491, Distilled 18.10.1996, Bottled 17.12.2014, Yield of 258 Bottles (56.3% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Bronze, very slow forming legs.

Nose: Classic Springbank sherry nose, with an extra smoky punch. I got light smoke, sultanas, dried apricot, cinnamon and light clove, hints of malt, nuts and a certain dryness on the nose. This expression has a beautiful balance between smoke and the sherry. The peat dissipates a little over time ans water brings out more spice.

Palate: Wood spices (Clove, nutmeg and allspice) with sweetness and some smoke and dried fruit. Water brings out spice and peat in force on the palate with a little less sweetness.

Linger: Drying on sides of mouth, with sweetness and peat remaining for a long time and the spice dissipating.


This is a really great cask!

I liked the balance it showed between the above average peatiness for a Springbank and the sherry. Good stuff.

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