Throwing in Another Grain – Port Dundas Single Grain

Port Dundas was another of Diageo’s grain distilleries. Located in Glasgow, it was closed in 2010 as Diageo consolidated grain production at Cameronbridge and North British, casks of both were reviewed this past week (North British here and Cameronbridge here).

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Vom Fass is a lovely idea, in which whisky (and almost every other imaginable oil, condiment, sauce, liqueur, and drink) is sold loosely in filling sizes from 50-1000 ml. While the whisky is much more expensive than a buying a bottle, there are things you can find there that can’t be found in other places, and some of them really make the trip down to your local store well worth it.

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Vom Fass Port Dundas 23 Year Old Single Grain Whisky (43% ABV)

Appearance: Light gold, fast forming thin legs.

Nose: Soft and grassy, with the telltale corn, vanilla, light pepper and a distant whiff of baking bead. There’s also a peaches in syrup from a can. After a few minutes you get some cocoa powder.

Palate: Watery, with a very mild sweetness and some black pepper. Quite one dimentional.

Linger: Sharp pepper on the tongue and some down the gullet. A mild dryness in the mouth, not all that much beyond that.


This is a typical grain whisky, one that would have been better off being blended. There’s not very much going on in the palate and in the linger, and overall, this whisky isn’t on anybody’s “must taste” list.

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