A Fascinating Caperdonich from the Orchard

Caperdonich was one of those distilleries that were like a falling star. They show up, shine for a short time, are found to be redundant and poof, are gone. Brora is a prime example of such a distillery, being active between 1968 and 1983. Like Brora, which was a re-establishment of an the old Clynelish distillery after a new one was built across the road, Caperdonich was established as Glen Grant 2 back in 1897 or 1898, but was mothballed by 1902, a casualty of the Pattison affair.

Photo Credit: whiskydaily.com

Photo Credit: whiskydaily.com

It was reopened in 1965 by Glenlivet, and after selling it to Seagrams, got it back after the Seagram’s fall 2001, and by 2002 closed off four of its distilleries: Caperdonich, Alt A’ Bhainne, BenRiach and Braeval. The other three distilleries are back in operation, but Caperdonich has been demolished in 2010. Nevertheless, there are several independent bottlings out there at any given time.

This expression is a single cask ex bourbon hogshead that was distilled in 1996 and bottled in 2011.

Photo Credit: amazon.com

Photo Credit: amazon.com

Cadenhead’s Authentic Collection 1996 Caperdonich 14 Year old, 1996-2011, Bourbon Hogshead Yielded 282 Bottles (51.7% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Pale Straw with thin legs and quite a bit of residue.

Nose: Fresh red apple medley, apple juice, baking cake, porridge and distant honey.

Palate: Pine sap, dust, lemon zest, citrus bitterness, soft pepper, bittersweet chocolate, some furniture polish and some spice heat.

Linger: Sweet and bitter on the tongue with light spice high in the throat and a faint dryness in a long and overall sweet linger.


So very different from the first Caperdonich I reviewed, coming from a single sherry cask that was a total sherry bomb (see here). Tasted side by side, they would create a beautiful study in wood effect.

Yori, it was fun enjoying this dram with you!

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