Signatory Small Batch Glenlivet 2007 (48.1%)

Signatory has several lines of products, and it seems like we have a new line appearing. Right now, the ‘Small Batch Edition’ appeared in a bottling for the German market. However, it says that it’s edition number one, suggesting a continuation.

Unlike many independent bottlers, vatting a few casks together (OK, you can call them small batches) is something Signatory does across all their ranges. Most of those I’ve seen are two casks, but it’s the same idea. In truth, I think it’s helped the brand deliver over time, as vatting casks of the same vintage and cask type will allow the bottler to smooth out any imperfections a single cask might have.

Signatory Bottles

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But this brings me to wonder why we might need yet another line of offerings? Is it the higher strength, at 48.1% ABV (as opposed the 46% of the Un-Chillfiltered Collection)? Perhaps it’s the nature of the casks? Maybe it is the private bottlings for the importers in specific countries?

Whatever the reason, if you prefer a single cask of these, Signatory has a sister cask of the first fill butts (cask #900255) distilled on the same day, available in the Un-Chillfiltered Collection range.


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Signatory Small Batch Edition #1 –  Glenlivet Vintage 2007, Two First Fill Butts Distilled 10.4.2007 (900251, 900252) + Three First Fill Hogsheads Distilled 27.3.2007 (900195-900197), Bottled 19.3.2018, 2927 Bottles for Kirsch Whisky Import, German Market (48.1% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Copper, slow legs, thin droplets coming off a sturdy necklace.

Nose: Vanilla sherry of American oak, saffron and cumin, sour cherry candy and toffee. Allspice appears on the nose with a bit of

Palate: Pepper and vanilla, with hints of honey and cinnamon, bitter caramel taken too far on the fire, with a watered down Americano coffee.

Linger: Sweet and peppery, with cardamom and oak. Pepper with a sweetness sits around the gullet.


Set your expectations on American oak, and you will find that this is almost iconic.

Tasting Scotch Whisky bottled for Germany on a small island in the Baltic Sea with three fabulous Finnish friends. It really doesn’t get much better than that 🙂 

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