‘Lucifer’s Livet’ – The Ultimate Glenlivet 2007, cask 900149, (66.6%)

There’s a bunch of these 2007 Glenlivet sherry casks hitting the market now, and they’re selling out faster than fresh buns. Indeed, there’s an undeniable thirst in the market for sherry and peat, and distilleries are scrambling to fulfill that need. This is obviously easier with peat, and a little more challenging with sherry.

From time to time, you’ll see batches of ‘sister casks’ hitting the market at the same time. You’ll recall the fabulous flood of 1998 Laphroaigs, the delightful deluge of Ledaig 2004-2005 and the current beautiful bounty of Glenlivet casks from recent years. These add an extra dimension in tasting casks side by side, which I’ve been able to do with some of the Laphroaig and Ledaig releases.


Photo Credit: theglenlivet.com

This cask was bottled at cask strength of 66.6%, which in this case is too high to drink, and really requires water, and quite a bit of it.


Photo Credit: Whiskybase Shop

The Ultimate Glenlivet 2007, cask 900149, ‘Lucifer’s Livet’, Distilled 27.3.2007, Bottled 26.1.2018, Yielded 319 Bottles (66.6% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Dark mahogany, quick forming thin legs.

Nose: Too strong to really discern above the alcohol, and I’ll get to the water from the start. Sherry sweetness, with sweet dried fruit, gentle cinnamon and a hint of mint. Hints of licorice and clove. With time in the glass, it falls ito a well rounded sherry bomb with a touch of an almost chalky dryness, not typical to a 10 year old.

Palate: wood spices, oak and some prunes mixed with apricot leather, dried orange peel and cooked fruit and clove. There’s also some cooked yellow pears.

Linger: Dried fruit leads the palate, with a warm glow of spices.


Totally satanic at 66.6, it loves water and starts playing well with quite a bit of water, when it becomes a classicly beautiful sherry cask.

Yet another dram shared with my Wonderful Finnish Friends Association  🙂 

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