Old Pulteney 2004 – Sherry Cask 128 – TWE Exclusive (62.1%)

TWE single casks are always a treat to try, as Sukhinder Singh, and his team have a knack of landing fabulous casks for the Exchange, and I expect this cask to be right up there with other TWE exclusives I’ve had.

Photo Credit: whisky.com

Add to this the fact that you don’t see single sherry casks officially bottled by Old Pulteney all that often (as in never), and this really is a bottle I’m looking forward to tasting.


Photo Credit: thewhiskyexchange.com

The Whisky Exchange Exclusive Old Pulteney 2004, First Fill Sherry Butt #128, Yield 612 Bottles (62.1% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Deep mahogany, very sturdy necklace peels off droplets pretty slowly.

Nose: Sultanas, pepper and dried cherries. Hints of leather and espresso coffee, and a deep sweetness with a pinch of salt. There’s a dryness on the nose, with other dried fruit, prunes and dried papaya, joining in.
With water, warm wood spices jump out at you with a hint of licorice, which gets stronger if you add a bit more water.

Palate: Viscous and very spicy, almost chili, with dried fruit and peppermint coming in the back of the palate.
For the palate it definitely needs some water. Once added, there’s more of the mint and a definite dryness, with the chili still present albeit a little calmer that at first. After a second dash of water, you get some chocolate on the palate as well.

Linger: Dry and sweet, with cinnamon and a hint of licorice. The gullet is ringed with the spices, and the mouth remains dry with a touch of mint for a long time.


This is a proper sherry bomb, which lovers of the genre will adore. It’s a bit harsh on the palate without water, but with a splash of it, this is a lovely sherry bomb, with a hint of the sea.

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