Holy Moly, A Jura I Actually Enjoyed….And – OMG – It’s Even NAS

I have a strange relationship with Richard Paterson’s work. On the one hand, the man’s a super professional charismatic presentor and a great “face” for whisky. On the other hand, nothing that came out of either Dalmore, Jura or Whyte and Mackay has been able to excite me, and I’ve tasted all core expressions and most of the currently available limited editions of both distilleries (you can see my review of the Jura 21 and the W&M 30).

Photo Credit: whiskycomedian.wordpress.com

Photo Credit: whiskycomedian.wordpress.com

So you can understand my skepticism when my friend Yoav suggested I try the Turas Mara, Jura’s new offering in the travel retail category, especially my raised left eyebrow at the expression being NAS. But, there’s something in the cask combination there that really works. The whisky is from four different types of casks: Bourbon, Sherry, French Oak and Port and is presented at 42% ABV (a curiosity onto itself), but it works. So I really have to give kudos to Jura distillery for this creation. Being a trueborn Brooklynite (albeit halfway around the world now), I must admit to now being very curious to taste the new Jura Brooklyn, and I hope I have a chance to try it.

Photo Credit: www.spirituosen-superbillig.com

Photo Credit: www.spirituosen-superbillig.com

Jura Turas Mara (42% ABV)

Color: Amber, quick forming legs running thin.

Nose: Cereal, wild flowers, orange, pinewood planks, dried apricots, some of the Jura mustiness rears it’s head here and there but is well masked by a thick layer of sweetness. Notes of marzipan, sherry and port are noticeable and a little bit of peppermint shows up after a while.

Palate: Sweet with orange notes, this whisky is very drinkable as the “Jura” in it is very tamed. The sweetness gives way to clove dominated spiciness, which then continues into the finish.

Linger: Long and pleasant, some bitter notes (in a good way) and the finish is spicy with pepper and powdered ginger (not the fresh root).


All this expression needs to really come in high for me is full disclosure on what’s in it. This whisky is a great value at its price point, and is really the first Jura I’d go home with.

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  1. Are you okay David? This is worrysome!! Did you see a whisky doctor about your problem? LOL. I’m not a fan of Jura myself as you probably know but I will try to get a sample of this one!
    Cheers, Take Care and Have a Nice Weekend!

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