Jun 032014

Isle of Jura 21

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Isle of Jura 21 (44% ABV)

Color: Copper

NoseKumquat, a small whiff of almonds, star anise and nuts.  yet there is a roughness on the nose. Time spent in glass wasn’t kind to the nose, which developed an unpleasant undertone which I couldn’t quite name…

Taste: Very dry in mouth, citrus and the cherry flavor you found in the old Cherry Coke of the 80s mixing with oakiness.

Finish: Long and spicy with a bitter and slightly metallic aftertaste.


While I obviously didn’t like the Jura 21, I must note that I tasted the Jura 21 in a formidable lineup of other 21 year olds or more. There were the Glenlivet 21, Glenfiddich 21, Glenfarclas 21, Balvenie 21, Bunnahabhain XXV and Whyte & Mackay 30. This was a tall order to compete against, but sadly, the Jura 21 was simply not up to par in that lineup. 

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