Dramfool Port Charlotte 2001, 15 Years Old (58.3)

With Feis Ile a week behind us, some peat was in order, and as the last of the 2001 casks were released by Bruichladdich for the distillery bottling, I’m having a taste of the Dramfool 2001 Port Charlotte.

Photo Credit: Whisky.com

This is a single bourbon hogshead which yielded 195 bottles.


Photo Credit: Whisky Gospel

Dramfool Port Charlotte 2001, 15 Years Old, Bourbon Hogshead 0847, Yielded 195 Bottles (58.3% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Light gold, very viscous with thick slow legs and a lot of residue on the glass.

Nose: Darn, one of my favorite things about Port Charlotte is that it’s not lactic. This cask is a bit lactic at first, then goes to the briny and sweet. This is quite maritime and sweet, with a ladle of cullen skink soup. Water brings out a bit more of the sweetness on the nose.

Palate: Honey and strong peat, very full bodied and pleasant. This is a nice sipper full of ash with spice and a nice hint of lemon and vanilla.

Linger: Dry, peppery and very ashy, with the pepper encircling the gullet. There’s a residual sweetness that lingers with the peat for a long while.


Not as sweet as most of the Port Charlottes I’ve had, but is definitely a nice sipper for a whack of peat.