Jun 092014

Sherry cask matured Laphoraig at cask strength aged 13 years and 11 months (couldn’t you have waited 3 weeks?).

This is one cracking dram and is a real gem that separeates the type of stuff Indies bring to the market vis-a-vis the official bottlings, especially looking at the new plethora of NAS and, sadly, with the jury still out on the new Laphroiag Select.

Nothing, however,can be farther away from these NAS expressions then the vW Laphroaig being reviewed here.

Van Wees The Ultimate Laphroaig 13 Year Cask Strength (60.8% ABV, NCF, Non Colored)

Color: Bronze, slow legs.

Nose:  Peat, iodine, hospitals, the sea in a bottle and sweet nuts, the sherry is there.
With water: white pepper, salt, green leaves on a fire, barbque meat and roses.

Palaet: Burnt sweet ambers, sweet peat, bacon and mild spices.

Linger: Mild spices and sweet peat

Were this an SMWS expression, it would be called “Nurses Smoking Cigars in the Hospital Pharmacy”


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