One Quick Dram: Port Askaig 12

Port Askaig 12

This is a Caol Ila bottled by Specialty Drinks. It’s different than the CI from the official bottlings, and has a much stronger Islay character.

Port Askaig 12 (45.8% ABV, NCF)

Color: Straw, quick legs.

Nose: The sea up your nose, seaweed, iodine, hot sand, tar and vanilla with a sweetness you’d almost associated with a faint sherry barrel but not quite. There’s honey and fruit with a sprinkle of spices.

Palate: Sweet peat, cherries from an ashtray and some citrus notes in a thick delivery of mouth coating liquid.

Linger: Nutty and rather long, sweetness and peat mixing in your throat.

This is a very balanced whisky, delivering some real Islay into your glass.

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