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In part one, we covered the Astar, the Ealanta and the Artien. Part two takes us to the Sonnalta PX, the Finealta and the newest edition to the group, the Companta. The Six of Tain

Glenmorangie Private Edition Sonnalta PX (46% ABV, NCF and Non Colored)

Glenmorangie venturing into sherry bomb territory? Well, not quite.

When you compare this Private Edition to a real sherry bomb (Think Glendronach), this is a lightweight. It is essentially a Lasanta in Pedro Ximénez casks, rather than the Oloroso and PX mix that creates the Lasanta. Both are matured 10 years in ex Bourbon casks, then another two years in the finishing casks, in out case, exclusively Pedro Ximénez casks. Accordingly, don’t expect the fireworks you’ll get from the new oak expressions I covered in part one. It’s a good dram, better than the Lasanta, and I’d always be up for a refill, it’s just not unforgettable.

Color: Copper, medium size fast legs.

Nose: Oh, the sherry is there – sultana raisins, demerara sugar, a freshly opened Hershey’s milk chocolate bar – but it’s a fino nose, not so much the PX. None of the syropy notes are there…Interesting, different and a not what you’d expect from a PX finish (of course, surprise is something Glenmorangie does well).

Pallet: Sweet candied organe peel, white pepper, dried cherries.

Linger: Sweet and spicey, dry sherry notes with spice on the toung.

Glenmorangie Private Edition Finealta (46% ABV, NCF and Non Colored)

This is the Glenmorangie foray into peated whisky. But so fitting with the Glenmorangie gentle character, the peat is so far in the background, that it’s almost not a factor other than giving very light peaty note. Accorrding to official  notes, this is a thrwoback to older times when the malt was dried in a peat fired kiln. The peat is never overwhelming, and this by no means becomes an Islay whisky or an Ardmore….

Color: Amber, legs are rather quick.

Nose: Very light peat, vanilla, caramel, frosting, mango, sweet blood oranges, butter, custard, freshly ground nutmeg. It smells like a bakery staring the day…

Pallet: Sweet peat, gentle spices and a very delicate feel in he mouth.

Linger: Sour on the palate with whiffs of smoke and sweetness, some distant orange oil. This will work incredibly well with gentle food, such as a white fish.

Glenmorangie Private Edition Companta (46% ABV, NCF and Non Colored)

The Companta is a more modern take on the old Burgundy Wood edition (while the Sherry Wood went on to become the Lasanta and the Port Wood became the Quinta Ruban), and the whisky was aged in Grand Cru casks from Clos de Tart and in Côtes du Rhône wine casks.

Color: Copper with a reddish/rose hue.

Nose: Tabac shaving soap, old spice after shave, red wine, sweet spices (with Pepper, cloves, cinnamon), orange peel and brown sugar in oatmeal.

Pallet: Sweet spices on the tounge, candied orange peel, sour candy. The whisky is soft and smooth with the sweet and the sour playing with your palate. Delicious!

Linger: Tangy notes with tannins galore, a dry mouth with nice sourness on the inside of the cheeks.


In conclusion, the Private Edition is a beautiful series of whisky, each with its own character and story. The biggest successes of the series are the new American oak expressions, and I’d love to see a permanent addition to the Glenmorangie lineup in the caliber of the Astar, with a higher end edition on par with the Ealanta.

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