To Nicely Counter Yesterday’s Sherry Cask 1998 Laphroaig, a Bourbon Cask of the Same Vintage

Yesterday I reviewed a sherry matured 1998 Laphroaig, and today I review a same vintage Laphroaig matured in a bourbon cask, bottled for Aquavitae in 2011.

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It’s interesting to note that while the sherry matured Laphroaig has no vinegary notes, this one has them in abundance.

This being the first Malts of Scotland bottling that I’m reviewing, I’ll mention that MoS is one of the newer indies in the market, bottling only for the past five years, since 2009. MoS was established by Thomas Ewers and is located in Paderborn, in north western Germany.

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Laphroaig 13 Year Old Bottled for Aquavitae 2011 by Malts of Scotland from Cask 11002, Distilled 1.3.1998, Bottled 1.7.2011, 135 Bottles + 96 Miniatures (56.4% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Straw Colored, very slow forming thin legs.

Nose: Lots of vinegar, the peat is subdued,  but very wet and dirty. Slight notes of piney sweetness with classic Laphroaig iodine and bandages coming through the vinegar intermittently. Very interesting nose.

Palate: Sweet honey with ash, smoke and tar, with a layer of freshly baked goods under the sweetness.

Linger: Ash fills the mouth and stays there, and a tiny bit of smoked spices linger in the back of the throat for a rather long time.


This one is a very distinctive Laphroaig, with that vinegary note playing very prominently.

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