The Third BenRiach Fumosus – Pedro Ximénez Finish Whisky Tasting Notes

Day three of the Fumosus series brings us to the PX finished Heredotus Fumosus. As opposed to the first two expression (the dark rum and the Madeira), the PX is a nice expression, second only to the port finished Importanticus Fumosus which will be reviewed tomorrow.

BenRiach 12 Heredotus Fumosus, Pedro Ximénez Finish (46% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Amber with thin legs.

Nose: Peat and Christmas cake, vanilla, sweet sherry, faint cigarette smoke and jelly cookies.

Palate: Peat, lemon/citrus with some sweetness and notes of cream soda.

Linger: Warming in the gullet, the linger is sweet with a saccarin-y quality.


As I said, this is an interesting expression, and makes for a decent dram. However, this is by no means a sherry bomb, and is big on the peat with the sherry only giving highlights.

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