The GlenAllachie 25 (46%)

The highest bottling in the new GlenAllachie core range is the 25 year old.

This is a pretty complex dram, yet despite being a lot more complex than the 18 year old, which I found somewhat pedestrian, this dram has a herbal note which isn’t to my liking.

Is it strange that my favorite whisky in the range is the 12 year old? I don’t think so. Moreover, this isn’t the only official bottling range in which I prefer a younger expression over an older one.

GlenAllachie Distillery by Whisky Cyclist

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The GlenAllachie 25 (46% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Copper, rather quick legs leaving behind residue.

Nose: A bit of a sour green note giving way to a creamy maltiness, fresh fruit salad and honey dissolved in hot water. There’s a light green note, alongside a dry note.
The empty glass harks bake to the cereal notes that start it all…

Palate: Herbal notes, with a tad of rosemary, honey and a spicy dryness, fresh bread and yellow apple.

Linger: A bit herbal and peppery, with hints of cardamom. The gullet is very peppery, with more of the herbal notes. The linger is long on the gullet and rather sharp on the tongue.


More interesting than the 18, but I hope that those herbal notes get eradicated as the 25 year old vintages move up.

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