Golani Distillery Brewer’s Whisky 4 – ‘Never Mix Beer and Wine’ (50%)

Golani Distillery is at it again, and this time with three whiskies released this month. I’ll start with the Brewer’s Whisky, as this is a straight line in continuity in a series that’s four strong at this point.

I’ll remind you that in the review of the third Brewer’s Whisky, ‘OMG, this is Goood!’, I elaborated as to the provenance of the Bazelet Amber Ale beer that David Zibell distilled. The distilled beer was matured in ex Golani casks for 24 months. The first third of the parcel was released at that point as the BBX Amber (reviewed here). The second third of the parcel was released in September, after being finished for six months in ex Golani casks that were then used to mature Beerbazzar beer, and returned to the distillery. The second third was rightfully dubbed ‘OMG, this is Goood!’ (and was reviewed here).

This now is the release of the final third of that parcel.

Bazelet Beer (Basalt in Hebrew)

This third was put in Cabernet casks from the onset, and was bottled after three years. We basically have a whisky fully matured in a wine cask, and that makes for an interesting combinations.


Image result for golan heights distilleryGolani Distillery Brewer’s Whisky, Edition 4, ‘Never Mix Beer and Wine” (50%)

Appearance: Amber, very sturdy necklace with small droplets running down the glass slowly.

Nose: Fresh green apples, hint of red wine, cinnamon and and wet earthy scent. A hint of licorice and crème brûlée. Wood spices and vanilla, with a note of fresh peach.

Palate: Dry and cidery, with red fruit, some pepper and confectionery notes, like hard candy. It has a hint of citrus, like an orange peel, that gives it a note of freshness.

Linger: A lovely bitterness and and dryness, with cranberries and blackcurrant, on a light spice dusting of cinnamon and allspice. Down the gullet we have a spicy linger.


Loving wine finishes as I do, you’d think this would be hands down my favorite.

The three Amber Ale whiskies share an obvious DNA, and this expression left me pondering if the wine wasn’t a bit overpowering for the distilled beer’s character. In any event, you’ll really enjoy doing a comparative tasting of the BBX, the OMG and this expression!


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