The Bygone Glengoyne

It’s been almost three years since Glengoyne has totally revamped the middle of its lineup. Until fall of 2012, the lineup was 10 (review), 12 (review), Cask Strength 12 (here), 17 and 21 (here) year olds.

In 2012, the 17 year old was discontinued, replaced by an 18 year old (see review), the Cask Strength 12 went NAS, and a 15 (here) and the stunning 25 year old (see here) were added to the lineup.

Today I’m returning to complete the old lineup, with the 17 year old.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Glengoyne 17 Year Old (43% ABV)

Appearance: Gold with thin legs forming and dripping down slowly.

Nose: Cereal and sherry in a rather sweet nose, light dried fruit with a hint of leather, cinnamon of french toast, notes of balsamic vinegar, some fresh leaves and honey.

Palate: Sweet at first, then peppery, almost chili pepper there. There is less sweetness than the nose would suggest with less sherry, but still the honey is present.

Linger: The pepper stays on the tongue alongside some sweet notes with faint orange, and the top of the palate remains peppery in a pretty dry linger with lovely bitter notes.


Directly in between the two expressions that replaced it, the 18 is more sherried and the 15 is spicier. The old 17 is both serried and spicy, with the nose favoring the sherry and the palate the spice. As far as I’m concerned, the 17 could have stayed in the lineup alongside the 15 and 18 🙂

Thank you Tomer for this gorgeous dram!


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