Springbank and Jamaican Rum…A Match Made in Heaven

The cage at the Cadenhead’s shop in Campbeltown holds endless wonders, many of them single barrels bottled for sale at the shop or held in a cask to bottle your own cask.

Photo Credit: caskstrength.blogspot.com

Photo Credit: caskstrength.blogspot.com

My friend Yori has two bottles of Jamaican rum matured Springbank. The first is a Springbank matured in a Jamaican rum barrel and the second is Longrow in a fresh Jamaican rum barrel, upon which I’ll report at a later date.

This being the fourth Springbank post in this series, I’ll just get down to business:

This is Not the Actual Bottle... Photo Credit: whisky-onlineauctions.com

This is Not the Actual Bottle…
Photo Credit: whisky-onlineauctions.com

Springbank 13 Jamaican Rum Barrel (Duty Free Sample Distillery Bottling), Cask 05/736, Distilled 17.11.2000 (57.4% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Light gold, slow legs coming down from a ring.

Nose: The rum is really dominant, with a sugary sweetness with maltiness, nutmeg, citrus rind, grapefruit with hints of salt and honey.

Palate: Light and sweet, white pepper, grapefruit, a dusting of cumin. Quite mouthdrying.

Linger: Sweet and sugary bitterness, like grapefruit with sugar with a little dryness on the tongue and it lingers between the cheeks and the teeth.


Rum finishes are interesting, if not all that abundant. There was a 16 year old Rum Wood expression in the Wood Expressions series. That one spent eight years in refill bourbon casks then eight more years in fresh rum casks. This expression is fully matured in the rum cask, and shows it.

I like the drying effect it has, and the sugary grapefruit combo there is lovely.

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