Storms Can Get Dark on the Isle of Skye

Talisker Dark Storm is the new travel retail expression, going along with the trend of NAS duty free exclusives. The problem is, how do you create another new expression with enough merit to stand on its own?

The Duty Free Shop at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International. Photo Credit:

The Duty Free Shop at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International.
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The solution found on Skye was to use heavily charred casks with spirit that is very close to that of the storm. The result is indeed darker and with more depth, and at €42 at the duty free shop in Berlin, may very well be one of the better purchases I made this year.

The effect of the heavily charred is very pronounced, and results in a whisky which is not just smoky, as you really get the charred flavor playing with the smoke on the palate, in a very spicy encasing. Of the three new NAS expression, the Skye, the Storm and the Dark Storm, the latter is the clear winner for me.

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Talisker Dark Storm, Travel Retail Exclusive (45.8% ABV)

Appearance: Deep copper, slow and thin legs with a lot of droplets left behind.

Nose: The salt is the first thing to that comes to the nose, with a honey sweetness and a baking cake. Charcoal and peat are both distinct on the nose with star anise and play-doh and an earthy/nutty note throughout.

Palate: The charring of the cask is very noticeable on the palate. Spice running down the middle of the tongue with sweetness and saltiness playing a part. Touches of oak come through with a light bitter note and the peaty smoke and the char play on the tongue.

Linger: Light spice on the tongue in a rather short initial linger. Then oak, and pepper appear in the back of the throat giving way to a sweet smokiness on the tongue that stays on for an overall medium linger in length.


Of the three NAS expressions, this one is the best offering, not to mention being the best value for the money. It’s not old whisky, though not as young as the Skye, but has definitely fully passed into the very drinkable and enjoyable domain.

Next time you go through an international airport, a bottle of Dark Storm should definitely accompany you to your destination!

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