Springbank 14, Bourbon Wood (55.8%)

2017 was a good year, and you’d think that I’d end it off with a review of some unobtainable dram from a long closed distillery. However, I think that it would be actually appropriate to end the year with a dram from the most traditional, social and community oriented distillery in Scotland.

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Photo Credit: thewhiskybarrel.com

Springbank 14 Years Old, Bourbon Wood, 9000 Bottles (55.8% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Gold, necklace with little drops running off it.

Nose: Dirty and farmy, with peat and honey and a hint of lemon. Vanilla and a hint of coconut shaving come in after a moment, which is rather funky with the peat.

Palate: Viscous and mouth filling, with the peat wasing over the tongue followed by a wave of honey and then spice (mostly pepper, but also some cinnamon sweetness) , with a hint of honeysuckle and citrus rind.

Linger: Peat and a sweetness linger on the tongue, with warm spices ringing the gullet.


These bourbon casks are VERY dominant, and the whisky is really put together well. Having that dirty farmy peat with the fresh American oak influence.

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