Golan Heights Distillery, Single Malt Cask 10 In Ex-Golani Cask (62.1%)

David Zibell is releasing his second single malt whisky cask, aged three years in charred American Oak casks the previously held David’s two grain whisky – the Golani Black (reviewed here).

I actually tasted this cask about 8 months ago, and my feedback to David back then was “it needs time”. David told me that it’s slated for release in 2018, sometime after it will pass the 3 year mark, so it has time. I can definitely tell you, unequivocally, that in these 8 months the magic happened, and this whisky is ready to drink.

In line with his approach, this is the second single cask being released, and there will be 40 bottles at natural cask strength of 62.1%, and 295 bottles released at 46%. If things go anywhere like they went for the first cask, the 335 bottles will be gone in a flash, once released after bottling on 1 January, 2018.

I can tell you that David hasn’t stopped at bottling this single malt, and has a really interesting release, the full details of which I’ll have for you on Sunday.


Photo Credit: Arkadi Raskin

Golan Heights Distillery, Single Malt “Golani”, Single First Fill American Oak Cask #10, Distilled January 2015, Bottled January 2018, 335 Bottles (62.1% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Deep copper, thin and slow legs peeling off a sturdy necklace.

Nose: Toffee, hint of licorice, vanilla custard, whole wheat toast, hints of ginger. Water clarifies the honey, brings out some wood and more of the vanilla, without the custard, without losing the feel of the dram.

Palate:  Intense at 62.1%, with concentrated honey sweetness and an almost oriental spice mix, like a sweet chai masala, with some citrus rind. A few drops of water bring out the “Golani Black” licorice as well a taking the spice over to freshly ground black pepper.

Linger: Spicy with a sweet undertone, some wood dryness and a hint of charred wood and some sweetened concentrated milk in tubes. The warm spice rings the gullet and remains for a while, quite satisfying.


At cask strength, this is a very intense dram, and will give you a lot of leeway playing with the water you add. This cask is another beautiful example of real craft whisky, and while very different than the wine cask released last time, there is a clear DNA emerging for the Golan Heights Distillery.

Sample provided by The Golan Heights Distillery.


2 comments on “Golan Heights Distillery, Single Malt Cask 10 In Ex-Golani Cask (62.1%)
  1. Antonio Garcia says:

    Hi! Can you deliver it in Brazil?

  2. Michael. I bought the bottle 182 of the 46% abv bottling. Wonderful stuff. Big syrupy treacle mouth feel. Silky tannins, milk chocolate and brandy, glazed orange mamalade, milk toffee, Steam pudding and stewed fruit, apple, plums and rasins pastries, brewed English tea and milk….I’ll be writing a review soon. Deeply impressed.

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