Private Bottlings Can Showcase Stunning Aspects Not in Any Official Bottlings

Isle of Arran distillery wasted no time in getting into the private bottlings business, and in its two decades of operation, has become a mainstay in private bottlings and festivals.

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This bottle is no different, as it is a sherry hogshead that was bottled for the 35th birthday of Jan Vissers, owner of the Single Malt Whisky Shop in Zammel Belgium. Jan is Arran’s brand ambassador, and this bottling is a nice gesture of appreciation by the distillery.

Established in 1995, Arran just completed it’s planned core range of 10, 14 and 18, with a line of finishes and a slew of special bottlings. The marketing department is doing a really good job there!

My friend Joris shared this beautiful sherry bomb with me – Thank you!!

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Isle of Arran Private Cask 1996, Edition Jan Vissers, Distilled 11 December 1996, Bottled 9 September 2013 (55.7% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Mahogany, tiny beads rolling down the glass slowly.

Nose: Leather, tobacco leaf, treacle, milk chocolate, dried peaches, notes of maltiness, pepper, notes of dry sherry with sweetness. Water brings out some perfume and enhances the sherry sweetness.

Palate: Spicy with hot pepper and clove, jasmine and eucalyptus oil, with hints of dryness. Water intensifies this dram making jasmine and the spice more vivid, together with an added sweetness and dryness.

Linger: Dryness on the top of the palate and inside of cheeks, wood spices on the tongue with notes of coffee.


This is a beautiful sherry cask, which brings out a some very unexpected notes!

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