Port Ellen Series – Post IX: Closing the Port Ellen Series with a Fetching Teenager

Fittingly, I’m ending the Port Ellen series with a dram shared with me by my friend Henrik, who also shared the Port Ellen dram that kicked this series off. This will also be my last post before returning from The Whisky Show, as I’ll be traveling to Scotland for a few days before the show. I’ll be posting from distilleries and from the Show regularly to Facebook, and if you haven’t followed the blog’s page yet, you can do it here.

Photo Credit: awa.dk

Photo Credit: awa.dk

Today’s Port Ellen is the youngest of the bunch, at 15, and really highlights the spirit in a very clean way.

Photo Credit: suggestkeyword.com

Photo Credit: suggestkeyword.com

Scott’s Selection 1983 Port Ellen, Bottled 1998 (58% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Gold, very slow legs.

Nose: Salt and peat, pines, honey, sweet BBQ, ash, and some floral notes. This is a very clean ex bourbon cask, letting the spirit do most of the talking. After a while in the glass, you get spicy notes predominantly with pepper and also a note of allspice.

Palate: Fizzy, peat and honey, some peppery spice with grapefruit zest. Nothing too complex, but good.

Linger: Smoky citrus and a sweet linger with pet and spice in the back of the throat. The linger is medium in length.


15 and very clean, this is probably as close to Port Ellen spirit as you can get. Fetching indeed!

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