One Quick Dram: Mortlach 16 Flora and Fauna

Mortlach 16

Diageo’s rollout of the official releases of Mortlach is drawing near, and it’s getting harder to find other expressions of Mortlach, especially bottles of the only official release from the distillery, the Flora and Fauna Mortlach 16 year. As I’m reviewing an older expression, I’ll keep my thoughts on the Mortlach move for my tasting notes on the official releases, which I expect to taste at The Whisky Show in London this coming October.

Flora and Fauna Mortlach 16 (43% ABV)

Color: Copper with thin legs that take their time coming down.

Nose: Sherry sweetness, sultana raisins, demerara sugar, dried apricot, strawberry jam, cloves and notes of tropical fruits.

Palate: Thick and chewy, surprisingly salty with sweet patches on the tounge. The taste is quite unexpected after the nose, not delivering upon its promise. The taste is rather simple, but the mouth feel is very rich.

Linger: Seems like it’s done once swallowed, but settles in the back of the throat giving a warmness with oaky notes. The finish might be one of the winning features of this extinct expression, losing the war of evolution to the smaller and nimbler perfume bottles coming soon to a market near you, causing one to ponder the almost eerie accuracy of the series name!

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