One Quick Dram: Ballindalloch 12 Year Old The Whisky Exchange Straight From the Barrel

Ballindalloch is the “undisclosed” name for Glenfarclas, and this lovely little dram was the counterpart of the ex-bourbon Glenfarclas we had in the Malt Mongers Tel Aviv meeting last week. That SMWS 1.156 Glenfarclas dram was reviewed here.

The Ballindalloch spent about the same time in a sherry butt as the SMWS was in its bourbon cask (that one was 11 years, this one 12), and these two whiskies couldn’t be more different.

It was fascinating to taste these two drams together.

June 2014 Malt Mongers Cask Strength Tasting

June 2014 Malt Mongers Cask Strength Tasting


Ballindalloch 12, Distilled 2001, Hand Bottled in 2014 from cask at The Whisky Exchange (59.2% ABV, NCF, NC) – Tasting Notes

Color: Deep Bronze, slow well spaced legs.

Nose: Fino like sherry, sunmade raisins, dried banana chips, fresh fruit basket, rich cream and fresh cherries.

Palate: Those raisins are out in force in a very chewy dram even with some water. Tangerines, oak tannins and a deep sweetness.

Linger: Short and sweet with raisins, prunes and light spice.

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