Old Particular Clynelish 18 (48.4%)

I’ll be brief today, as I’ve written quite a bit both about Clynelish and about Douglas Laing, although I can say that there’s a treat from Douglas Laing coming our way in the next few days.

Photo Credit: spiritedsingapore.com

I’ve yet to be disappointed by an Old Particular bottling (and I’ve tasted quite a few of them), and this one is no exception!


Photo Credit: Douglas Laing

Douglas Laing Old Particular Clynelish, 18 years old, 298 bottles, Refill Hogshead DL10999 (48.4%ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Copper with a thick and oily necklace and slow forming legs.

Nose: Deep honey sweetness with overtones of a fresh bouquet of flowers, baked apples, peach compote, hint of peat and a touch of wax. After a while in the glass, you’ll get a hit of cereal.

Palate: Spice with orange zest, a cognac like fruitiness, and a little bit of peat, with a hint of waxiness. On the end of the swallow, a hint of tropical fruit appears.

Linger: Sweet honey and pepper, with an overall dryness in the finish. Spice running down the gullet, softer than black pepper, but not quite as gentle as white pepper.


This whisky is highly drinkable. It’s simply a great cask, and I really have nothing more to add other than if you happen to chance across a bottle, adopt it 😉

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