Japanese Sherry Dive Bomb – Miyagikyo Single Barrel

No introductions to Japanese whisky are really needed. Both Santory and Nikka produce world class whiskies, Karuizawa is a real frenzy whisky and the popularity of Japanese whisky is soaring.

Photo Credit: Dram JP on Pintrest

Photo Credit: Dram JP on Pintrest

Nikka’s main and most widely known distillery is Yoichi, but wanting input from a different style of distillery, Nikka founded Miyagikyu to produce a mild, Lowlands style whisky in 1969.

The distillery has three core expressions: 10, 12 and 15 year old (I tasted the 15 at The Whisky Show), and Nikka releases single barrels, and thanks to my friend Torben, I got to enjoy this beautiful expression, and it was the runaway winner in a premium whisky tasting I did with fellow blogger Yoav Gelbfish which included some highly sought after drams like the Brora 20 Rare Malts Selection, a Port Ellen 27, Highland Park 30 and the Old Pulteney 35.

Nikka Single Cask Single Cask Warehouse #20 – Miyagikyu 18 years, Sherry Cask, Distilled 6/4/1989, Bottled 9/7/2007 Cask 105419, La Maison du Whisky bottling (60% ABV, NCF, NC)

Photo Credit: thewhiskyexchange.com

Photo Credit: thewhiskyexchange.com

Appearance: Copper, very slow forming legs.

Nose: Dark sultanas, dusty spices, sour berries, kaiserschmarrn dripping with the diced fruit compte, cinnamon, clove and fresh nutmeg, chocolate and espresso, plum and the lightest balsamic whiff

Palate: Starts out sherry sweet (though not as sweet as the nose suggests), and continues to spicy sweet leaving a beautiful dry tarty sweetness with notes of espresso and bittersweet chocolate.

Linger: Sweet, light spices that linger for a long time with a dryness in the mouth.


WOW!! This is one beautiful sherry bomb. It has a perfect nose for a sherry cask and is really a great dram.

Thank you Torben for this wonderful dram!

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