“Orkney/Kirkwall” 17 Year Old – The WFFA Cask (58.1%)

There are few things more exciting than bottling a cask with your friends, having your name alongside theirs on the label, and cherishing the comradery and esprit de corps of the brotherhood of malt.

This cask was bottled by that reclusive group of whisky fanatics, WFFA, of which it is best not say too much. I will say that the group has been very good in keeping it’s core membership involved, and has already bottled two casks, the second of which will be reviewed when it arrives. I will say that it’s a 37 year old Bunnahabhain, and will once again feature the names of all participating members, including yours truly, on the label.

Photo Credit: Peter Steven Primich‎


Orkney 17 Year old, The WFFA ‘Kirkwall’ Cask, Hogshead 27, Distilled 2000, Bottled 2017 (58.1% ABV, NCF NC)

Appearance: Gold, tiny droplets forming legs running very slowly.

Nose: Somewhat floral, honey, heather, a note of pepper and a hint of cinnamon, with a milky note (not quite lactic, but “in the family”). An overlay of some vanilla and a dryness to it. Water strengthens the heather.

Palate: Honey and spice, peat and some fresh apples. The spice notes are very clear and dominant, and are complimented by the honey. Very pleasant, if not overly complex.

Linger: Spice around the gullet with pepper on the tongue. There’s a chalky dryness on the inside of the cheeks and a nice warmth all around. The sweetness remains in the mouth for a long time.


This one started out rough when first opened, but really came into itself after about a month of breathing. While not a complex dram, it has developed into a good, solid, bourbon matured expression, differing from the normal sherry matured whisky coming out of the distillery.




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