Glengoyne Week – Day 3 – Whisky Tasting Notes on the Glengoyne 15

The Glengoyne 15 is the third rung up in the core range, unless you count the now NAS Cask Strength (which you would if it were still age stated at 12 – an expression reviewed by me here – but that’s no longer the case).

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The 15 has many of the same characteristics of the 10, but all are deeper and more amplified, and is also the last that displays the perfumy “lowland” character. The whole series takes on a total highland sherry bomb direction with the 18, to which we’ll get tomorrow.


Glengoyne 15 Year Old (43% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Gold, slow and thin legs.

Nose: Flowers, dried fruit, some perfume. Fresh fruit bowl and sweetness with a touch of oak.

Palate: Dried fruit with prunes and dried apricot, full bodied and dry with spicy pepper and cinnamon.

Linger: Medium and dry with milk chocolate.


Solid mid-range expression, it still retains the little bit of Lowland perfume to still keep it in the same “line” of the 10-12-15. Things change with the 18, which loses the gentleness for the Highland spicy “oompf” as it heads deep into sherry bomb territory with the 21 and 25.




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