Glengoyne 12 – Day Two in the Valley of the Wild Geese

The second stop on our vertical tasting of Glengoyne is the 12 year old. Matured in (relatively weak) sherry casks, it has more sherry notes and less fruity ones than the 10 year old, reviewed yesterday.

Glengoyne whisky is made using totally unpeated barley that is fully air dried. Nominally in the Highlands, the fact that the distillery setup has one wash still and two spirit stills suggests that in days long passed a triple distillation was practiced, placing the style wholly in the Lowlands.

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Like the 10 years old, this is an easy drinking whisky which nicely highlights the slow distillation and the sherry casks used by the distillery, though it would not be considered a sherry bomb by any strech.


Glengoyne 12 Year Old (43% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Gold with quick and thin legs.

Nose: light warm sherry, notes of the floral perfume found in the 10, sweet wood spices (clove and cinnamon), some oak and touches of balsamic vinegar.

Palate: Some wood and spice, light citrus (mostly orange with some lemon peel), sweet fruity notes and hints of honey.

Linger: Spices linger on the tongue and in throat in a relatively short finish.


A little less fruity than the 10, the “lowlandy” perfume is still on the nose here.

Official sample provided by Ian Macleod Distillers.
Thank you Paul and Katy!

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