Glengoyne Lafitte Cask – Cadenheads (55%) – Whisky Review

Glengoyne is one of my favorite distilleries. Solid whisky, easily accessible and being on the highland fault – it also has a great story. Indeed, I have reviewed the full range of Glengoyne’s core range (in order: 10, 12, 15, 18, 21 and 25 and the majestic 35), as well as having published a detailed report of my visit to the distillery (here). Glengoyne does sherry, and it does sherry really well!

Ever wonder what Charlie felt in Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory? © Malt and Oak

Ever wonder what Charlie felt in Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory?
© Malt and Oak

How about Glengoyne in a wine cask? I never came across one. I know it works well in rum casks, and reviewed a distillery bottled expression that was excellent (see here), but I’ve yet to come across it in a red wine cask. But three months ago, Cadenhead’s released a Glengoyne in their fascinating Wine Cask series which was (partially?) matured in a Chateau Lafitte cask. The Bordeaux vineyard Château Lafite (or Lafitte, as it’s spelled on the bottle) wine is legendary, and needs no introduction. It’s predominantly Cabernet Sauvignon with Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot in varying amounts (anywhere from 5% to 20% in normal years).

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Not everybody likes wine maturation or finishes. I really do, and this whisky was a highlight in that category. It’s very layered and complex and if you can, you really should get your hands on some of this sold out beauty.

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Cadenhead’s Glengoyne Lafitte Cask, Wine Cask Series, 240 Bottles (55% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Copper, very thin legs.

Nose: Sweet and sour dryness with tannic cereals, with the scent of a grilled sausage, but on the plate, rather than on the grill. The wine is very present with an earthy tone and deep red berry presence, almost bordering floral. Water takes it to that edge where floral touches perfume.

Palate: Full bodied and dry, it almost feels peated, with the spice getting very prominent. Water highlights a sweet aspect of the tannins.

Linger: Long and dry, with a spicy sourness, almost earthy, with a touch of chocolate, and the lingering dryness remaining for a good while. .


Very complex and layered. Extremely special. If you like wine matured whisky, you’ll have a day in the park with this one.

Ben Cops of the excellent Ben’s Whisky Blog snagged a bottle of this, and a gorgeous share made its way into my hands. Ben, for being my eyes and ears in getting releases we’d never see here on Asia’s western edge, Sláinte!

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  1. Ed McGovern says:

    Thanks for these great notes. A very reliable source told me this has been in the wine cask since 2009


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