Flight of the Port Ellens – Part II

We continue Port Ellen week with a 27 year old from Belgian independent bottler The Nectar of the Daily Drams. I had this quaint dram as part of a private Islay Festival tasting Yori and I held in Tel Aviv in late May.

Photo Credit: NODD

Photo Credit: NODD

Nectar of the Daily Drams 1982 Port Ellen, 27 Year Old (53% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Straw, slow and thin legs.

Nose: Light peat, green leaves, medicinal notes, pepper and green cardamom, earthy notes and decaying wet leaves, with a note of honey.

Palate: Ash at first, honey and peat, paper, clove and allspice and earthiness. The ash is almost Ardbeggy for a second, then turns sweet and spicy.

Linger: Long sweetness on the tongue, gentle peat. The peat then dissipates but the sweetness lingers. There’s light spice in the back of the throat.


This is a very down to earth dram. Somewhat vegetal and earthy, this is probably what many of the farm distilleries produced on Islay.


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