Distiller’s Edition Talisker – When a Finish Works….

I’ve mentioned Diageo’s successful “Classic Malts of Scotland” marketing in the past. Each of the six brands has a Distiller’s Edition, which is the basic expression in a finish. Dalwhinnie is finished in Oloroso casks, Glenkinchie in Amontillado sherry, Cragganmore in Port, Oban in Fino sherry, and Lagavulin in PX. The Talisker is finished in Amoroso sherry casks, and I tasted the 2002 edition (bottled in 2013).


Photo Credit: whiskyandspirits.ch

Photo Credit: whiskyandspirits.ch

Talisker Distiller’s Edition – Amoroso Sherry Finish 2002 (45.8% ABV)

Appearance: Dark gold, legs are thick and slow.

Nose: Starts out with very little peat, with vanilla and honey notes almost like a heavily toasted ex-bourbon barrel. Light sweet sherry and fruit come in after a bit with fresh green apples. There is an that wood smoke again, that charred barrel. The peat is more of an older Ardmore than a Talisker. After some time the sweet sherry and sweet wine notes come in force to stay.

Palate: Hard candy, lovely spices with notes of allspice and cloves with a dash of pepper. This whisky has a light mouth feel.

Linger: Medium, mainly in the back of the throat. Some tartness with peat and sweetness. Some lingering spices on the tongue.



This is a really fun expression of Talisker. The sherry and peat interact in a lovely way and those fresh fruit in the middle of the nose are a wonderful compliment to the spirit. Given the option of buying the Port finished Port Ruighe (reviewed yesterday) or this one, I’d opt for the DE, being somewhat more mature and complex.

Thanks, Yoav, for the sample!

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  1. Nice, I have an unopened bottle of this at home. Won’t stay that way for long I think 😀

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