Celp – Everything But Seawater inside a bottle – Whisky Tasting Notes

Photo Credit: www.whiskyreview.nl

Photo Credit: www.whiskyreview.nl

Celp is a fun whisky. You can’t actually call it scotch whisky, because it has an branch of seaweed inside the bottle, and is aptly named “the seaweed experience” and thus holds the moniker “Single Malt Islay Spirit”.

It’s thought to be either a young Laphroaig or a young Lagavulin, bottled by The Ultimate Whisky Company, better known to whisky lovers as simply as Van Wees, and at cask strength – begs a tasting. I’ll mention that this is one of the whiskies I tasted at the Cadenhead’s tasting in Berlin, about which I wrote in a previous post.

Celp – The Seaweed Experience (55% ABV, NCF, NC)

Color: Greenish, takes some getting used to….

Nose: Pickles in brine, seaweed (not surprising), vinegar, an old ashtray, jellyfish drying on the beach.

Palate: Malt sweetness, peat, salt, seaweed, very smooth on the palate.

Linger: long and salty with lingering peat.


The whisky is good and the seaweed adds to the experience. At about €45 it also gives you some punch for your buck. It is, nevertheless, a novelty.



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  1. Bilbo161 says:

    That actually looks like Duck-weed, not “kelp”. But, I could be wrong. Just fyi

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