Bowmore 2001, 15 Years Old, Signatory TWE Exclusive (55.6%)

In the package I got from The Whisky Exchange was a selection of the new TWE exclusive casks recently bottled.

As I mentioned in the Irish whiskey TWE post (here), The Whisky Exchange is moving to significantly increase the number of single casks it bottles under its label, and the current batch includes several casks from each of three independent bottlers: Gordon & MacPhail, Signatory Vintage and The Whisky Agency. All in all, this release will include three G&M bottlings, two of which will be reviewed next week, five Signatory Casks, including this Bowmore, and five Whisky Agency releases, two of which were already reviewed.

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Signatory Vintage 2001 Bowmore, 15 Years Old, TWE Exclusive, Hogshead 20117, 233 Bottles (55.6% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Gold, little thin legs peel off a pretty sturdy necklace.

Nose: Bowmore tropical fruit galore (papaya, mango, star fruit and a touch of guava) underlaid with honey. Sourdough bread baking in the oven, warm grist, distant honeysuckle and carnations, with a fruity sour note with a hint of the typical Bowmore (and Irish whiskey, for that matter) mustiness.

Palate: Somky and sweet tropical fruit with mango, feijoa, star fruit and citrus peel. Hold it on the tongue for a moment, and you’ll get the peat storngly with a nice dose of white and black pepper with honey.

Linger: Somewhat peaty and spicy, dry and almost chalky. There’s a honey sweetness on the linger.  There’s a ring of peaty spice around the gullet.


Not being a big fan of Bowmore, this one can’t be ignored. Yes, it has all those tropical fruit and that almost Irish mustiness that aren’t high on my personal preference list, but this is a cask you’ll enjoy even if you don’t like Bowmore, and if you do like Bowmore, you’ll be blown away. Not surprising, since the TWE has a knack (and the buying power) for choosing exceptional casks.

Official sample provided by TWE.

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