Adventures in Malt Blends Part 2 – Wemyss Peat Chimney

We continue our peated blends sojourn, today with contestant number two. Wemyss are both independent bottlers (see my review of the outstanding Glen Scotia Single Cask “Merchant’s Mahogany Chest” bottling) and blenders, with a line of three blended malts representing a sweet Speyside Style (The Hive), a spicy Highland style (Spice King) and a peated blend, all of whom are created using 16 single malts. Unfortunately, I could not get hold of Spice King or the Hive to sample, but did manage to get a sample of Peat Chimney.


Peated Malt Blend #2

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Wemyss Peat Chimney 8 Years (40% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Gold, fast legs.

Nose: Honey and peat, with some faraway sea kelp and notes of peanut butter (that’s a first…).

Palate: Light on the palate somewhat watery, peat and sweetness on the tongue, leaving behind some dryness.

Linger: Very short in the mouth and gullet, some smoky dryness remains on the inside of the cheeks.


This would be an excellent introduction to peated whisky for the uninitiated. It’s very close to the Islay Mist blend in its mouth feel, and lacks depth of flavor. Not a bad whisky, just rather non-complex and straight forward. I said that malt blends intrigue me because of their potential to be very complex or to be disasters. This expression is neither.

Personally, I think that at 46% it might have had more depth to it, possibly making it more interesting. In fact, being that there’s a 12 year old version, maybe I’d make that one 46% and leave this one as the introductory blend and make the 12 a whisky that would be of interest to maltheads.

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