A Vibrant and Tongue Dancing Glenlivet: The SMWS 2.85 Whisky Tasting Notes

The Glenlivet is a distillery that needs no introduction. This particular expression is interesting because it’s just past half the Nadurra’s maturity, and thus can give us a nice comparison point of reference.

Photo Credit: blog.thewhiskyexchange.com

Photo Credit: blog.thewhiskyexchange.com

I want to thank Yoav of the Whisky Gospel blog for sharing this dram with me.

With no further ado, my tasting notes:

The Glenlivet 9 Years Old, Single Malt Scotch Whiksy Society Single Cask 2.85 (61.4% ABV, NCF, NC)

Color: Light gold, slow and thin legs with a lot of droplets clinging.

Nose: Glenlivet apples, honey, vanilla, fresh hay, pineapple, hints of coconut shavings, nose developing in the direction of the 12 year old it will become. Water brings out more pineapple and notes of passion-fruit sorbet.

Palate: After the sting of the alcohol the palate explodes with green apples and spices (allspice and black pepper), water enhances the spices and brings out the oak.

Linger: Medium and disappearing with only a small tingle of spice on the tongue. Water lengthens the linger with more spice.


This is a young but harmonious whisky, with good balance and coherence between the nose and the palate.

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