A Surprisingly Lively 20 Year Old Deanston from Douglas Laing

I’m going back to some of the whiskys I had at the whisky show, reviewing a 20 year old Deanston bottled by Douglas Laing under the Old Particular label that was part of the trio I got a sample of to review after the show, since I wasn’t able to properly take notes of these three expressions. The other two expressions were the Glen Moray 14 (review forthcoming) and the stunning Bunnahabhain 16 (reviewed here).

Photo Credit: burnstewartdistillers.com

Photo Credit: burnstewartdistillers.com

There’s a small discrepancy between the information on the tube, stating that the bottling came from a refill butt and the bottle citing a refill HHD (hogshead). Looking at the 177 bottles yielded, it is obviously indeed an ex bourbon hogshead (I can’t imagine the angels leaving only 124 liters out of a 500-600 liter butt in 20 years in Scotland), most likely a graphic design error that got past the proofing process.


Photo Credit: Douglas Laing

Photo Credit: Douglas Laing

Douglas Laing Old Particular Deanston 20, Cask DL10426, Distilled 06/1994, Bottled 08/2014, Refill Hogshead, 188 Bottles (51.5% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Straw, slow forming thin legs.

Nose: Heathery with honey, toasted white bread, malt, hints of lemon and milk chocolate.

Palate: Smooth moouth feel, clean lemon, pepper and cardamon. The whisky is very lively and fresh, surprisingly vivid for a 20 year old.

Linger: Mouth drying and tangy on the inside of the cheeks, peppery and warming down the gullet.


This is a solid single cask expression, that kept a very youthful liveliness after 20 years in cask.

Official sample received from Douglas Laing Co.
Thanks, Cara! 




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