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Port Charlotte is a perennial favorite, progressively rising in age as the years go by.  However, following the concept of terrior, Bruichladdich has limited releases of their popular whiskies in a “local edition”, like the Octomore Islay Barley I reviewed here.

Photo Credit: islayinfo.com

Photo Credit: islayinfo.com

This expression was part of the Bruichladdich tasting on the trade day at The Whisky Show, led by Joanne Brown (@job_islay). The PC Islay Barley is made from barley grown on six farms on Islay, was distilled in 2008 (so it’s a 6 year old)  and was matured in both American and European oak casks.

Photo Credit: whiskyexperts.net

Photo Credit: whiskyexperts.net

Port Charlotte Islay Barley (50% ABV, NCF NC)

Appearance: Straw colored, slow legs.

Nose: Mineral peat (somewhat Ardbeg-gy  in style), smoke,  burnt matches, a blazing wood fire, vanilla, lots of cereal/barley and sliced bread.

Palate: Sweet and light mouth feel, sweet peat, porridge, barley sugar. When you chew a few times, Tropicana orange juice comes out.

Linger: Long, peat and minerals with notes of sweet citrus.


This is a very good expression of the (very good) Port Charlotte line. Fresh, mineral and nicely layered, with lots of peat to satisfy any monster lover!

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  2. If you’re ever lucky enough to attend a Jim McEwan tasting and hear him speak with a passion about Islay terroir and the people and the weather and the community and the whisky , it’s really awe-inspiring. Such a light in a world of economics, efficiency of production, science ,
    etc etc.

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