Wilson and Morgan Home Blend 35 Years Old, Sherry Butt 26, 1980-2015 (47,6%)

Last night MMI – Israel’s Malt Mongers whisky club held its monthly meeting at the Milk and Honey Distillery in Tel Aviv. On the menu were four “legal” blends in the American sense, 21 years and older.

Photo Credit: Yoav Gelbfish


We had the utterly forgettable 21 year old Òrdha from Grant’s, the marginally more memorable Campbeltown Loch 21 from Springbank, a passable 43 year old from Cadenhead’s (that doesn’t carry it’s age and could be a teenager just as easily) and this very (very!) good Wilson and Morgan 35 year old, that actually has a vintage statement on it. I’ll have reviews on the Campbeltown Loch and maybe on the 43 year old from Cadenhead’s next week, but I did want to get this review up as the W&M was the definite winner of the night for me. It’s well rounded, and the fact that its designated as a single cask (sherry butt 26) explains it all. The malt and grain components were married in a single sherry butt, and while it doesn’t specify the length of that marriage, it was probably not very short.

Photo Credit: Wilson and Morgan

Wilson and Morgan Home Blend 35 Years Old, Sherry Butt 26, Distilled 1980, Bottled 2015, 529 Bottles (47,6% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Mahogany with quick thick legs and a lot of residue in the glass.

Nose: Deep sherry with vanilla (was the marrying cask American oak?), waxy furniture polish, orange peel, honey, and hints of tobacco. A few drops of water bring out a burst of vanilla.

Palate: Furniture polish, old dusty sherry, orange, some nutinness with a touch of some sour notes. The palate is dry and enjoyable.

Linger: Old sherry dryness, tannins, sweet with a lot of spice and orange peel. The linger is relatively short, although the top of the gullet remains spicy and dry for a while.


This is every bit as good as an old sherry matured malt. Obviously, the components were chosen with care, and they were married in a fabulous cask. Like everything else I’ve tasted from W&M, this is excellent!

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