The Glenlivet 13 Sherry Oak Matured (Taiwan Exclusive) (40%)

Yesterday’s big news was carried by, that reported from The Spirit of Speyside festival that Glenlivet is launching The Captain’s Reserve, which is a NAS expression, aged in both bourbon and sherry casks, and finished in Cognac casks, and supposed to be tiered above the 15 year old in the range.

At first, it will be available in the UK, then at travel retail and then rolled out into markets.


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This is interesting, because it reminds me of previous wood focused expression, the 13 year old sherry oak matured, for the Taiwan market. There was, of course, The Glenlivet 15 French Oak, a special edition 12 year old First Fill, for the European Market, and now the Cognac finished.  The 13 is not bad for what it is, and the price, in Taiwan is definitely decent. It went a little crazy at auction, but that’s to be expected (at least in today’s market). I found the palate somewhat disappointing, but my malthead expectations might be too high for the intended audience.

The one thing I don’t get, is the ABV. 40%, seriously?  I get that you don’t want to touch the core range. I also get that you offer the Nàdurra expressly for this reason. But this is 2018, deep into the third whisky golden age. Up your game, Glenlivet!

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The Glenlivet 13 Sherry Oak Matured (Taiwan Exclusive) (40%)

Appearance: Dark mahogany, legs are thick and slow.

Nose: Cinnamon and dried fruit, dried figs, cooked prunes, sweet mineral note, coffee and dark chocolate.

Palate: More watery than I’d like, peppery and dry, with some hints of red fruit. It’s slightly bitter. Darn, this is lacking some body.

Linger: Short and dry, woody and peppery with dark chocolate and some black drip coffee.


For 40% it’s decent, and will be solid for an evening with friends, with a nose that delivers what you’d expect, but with a rather disappointing palate. This one really had potential, though!

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