Tasting the New Glenfiddich Trio – Part II: Glenfiddich Select Cask Whisky Tasting Notes

The Select Cask is a single malt blending of ex bourbon, ex European oak and red wine casks. As I mentioned in the first post in the series, all three expressions in this series share an underlying sweetness, and are generally very gentle drams.

Photo Credit: Glenfiddich.com

Photo Credit: Glenfiddich.com

With no further ado, I’ll review the Select Cask.


Glenfiddich Select Cask (40% ABV)

Photo Credit: onlinecava.com

Photo Credit: onlinecava.com

Color: Straw, Quick and thick legs

Nose: Very warm nose, vinegar (not exactly the balsamic you get from some sherry matured whisky), hay, malt. After a bit of time the vinegar is almost overpowering with sake notes (Japanese rice wine).

Palate: Honey, barley sugar, hints of mango. The palate is not overly complex.

Linger: Medium on palate, long in the back of the throat, with sweet notes on the tongue. Some dry and tannic sourness on the inner cheeks.

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