Staying with Bunnahabhain, an 18 Year Old Pedro Ximénez Finish

I love the effect a good Pedro Ximénez cask has on whisky. I think its interplay with the spirit is beautiful, sometimes to the point of  usurping the whisky in favor of an almost syrupy sweetness (Not unlike the GlenDronach 21 reviewed here). The effect is lessened, of course, in non first fill barrels and in finishes, and a PX finish is what we have on hand.

Photo Credit: Shai Gilboa

Photo Credit: Shai Gilboa

Shai Gilboa is a whisky (and wine) connoisseur,  gifted photographer (he took the picture of Bunnahabhain above), Islay buff and all around great guy (@sgilboa). One of his most prized bottles is the 2010 Feis Ile festival bottling from Bunnahabhain, and I was lucky to have enjoyed this beautiful expression twice. Slainte, Shai, and thanks!

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Bunnahabhain Feis Ile 2010 Limited Edition, 18 Years Old Pedro Ximénez finish, Bottle 162/384 (51.4% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Bronze with slow, thin legs.

Nose: Cereal, sherry, dried fruit, prunes, spice cake, raisins, sweet red wine and cooked cinnamon. The PX is very much present on the nose here.

Palate: Sweet spices with pepper on the tongue, with sweet wine-y notes.

Linger: Sweetness then spice dominates the back of the throat, while tartness takes over the sides of the tongue. Long linger.


This is a lovely Feis Ile limited edition, in a much smaller batch than the 16 Year Old Manzanilla Sherry finish I reviewed here. Obviously, it’s sweeter than both the regular expressions and the Manzanilla finished expression, and is all around a delight.

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