One Quick Dram: SMWS 29.109 – Laphroaig 20 Years

Today is the Laphroaig day at the Feis Ila festival, and I figured this to be a wonderful time to post my notes about  the Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s Laphroaig 20 Years bottle 29.109 titled “Oak and Smoke Intensity”.

Scotch Malt Whisky Society Bottle 29.109 – Laphroaig 20 Years, Refill Sherry Butt  (59.2% ABV, Single Cask, NCF, NC)

Color: Deepest Bronze, small thin legs

Nose: First comes the Sherry, then oak, smoke, fresh paint, leather, furniture polish and sweet syrup coming in. As it breaths it gets more of the earthy and feinty aromas.
With water: prunes, wood fire ashes, wax and glue.

Taste: Oak is very prominant with sherry, peat, dried fruit. The whisky is mouth coating with strong tannins present.

Linger: Very long, especially on the tongue,  dryness ensues in the mouth and stays with you for a long while.

To me, this dram, tasted at the Loch Ness in Berlin, was like walking into a furniture restoration shop.

It’s different than the profile of peated whiskys I normally go for, and was a great experience.


2 comments on “One Quick Dram: SMWS 29.109 – Laphroaig 20 Years
  1. Nick says:

    I tried a couple of drams of 29.109 in 2012 it is is the finest Laphroaig whisky I have ever had the pleasure of consuming. This whisky is on a different level and I have always remembered the coding.

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