One Quick Dram: Linkwood 26 Year Old Rare Malt Selection

I set out in search of a Brora in Berlin, and according to the internet lists, I actually found one at the Union Jack. I got my Caperdonich, Dallas Dhu and Imperial tastings (each to get their own OQD note), and saving the Brora for last, came to the special moment.

I asked Schlange, the proprietor, for the 20 Year Old, Cask Strength Brora from the Rare Malts Collection. After going through her selection, she came up empty. The Brora is no more. Smiling knowingly, she told me to hold on, and came out with a Rare Malts bottle.

It wasn’t a Brora….It was the Linkwood 26, and she said it was very special. Not one to turn down a rare whisky, I went for it. Great choice! At 56.1% ABV, the alcohol is overpowering for this incredibly gentle beauty and I spent a leisurly hour unraveling this perfume giant.

Linkwood 26 Year Old Rare Malt Selection (56.1%ABV, bottle 4932)

Color: Deep amber, slow and very thin legs.

Nose; Nutty at first, alcohol and concentrated perfume. With the progressive addition of water 4-5 drops at a time, we get sweet flowers, yellow cherries, freshly cracked whole walnuts. Further watering takes you to a florist shop with roses and carnations, light sherry notes and coconut shavings. My nose must have looked like it grew a glass on its end 🙂

Palate: Sugared pears, sweet spices, ginger and gentle sweet chili sauce. Mouth feel is soft and velvety.

Linger: Medium in length, mild spice with notes of curry and saffron.

This is a complex and layered whisky, not for a quick drink. The Linkwood takes a long time to unravel and savor. Thank you, Schlange!

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