One Quick Dram: Glenfarclas 21

Glenfarclas 21The Glenfarclas distillery is one of a kind. This is a family owned distillery, owned by the Grant family since 1865. This distillery is exteremely traditional in its approach to whisky making. On one hand, that creates a very consistent line of whiskys. On the other hand, most will find the one expression they favor and stick wih it, as the variation between the expressions is relatively limited. The distillery does not “do” finishes, and whisky is single cask matured until blended for bottling. I’ll do a feature in the on the full range of Glenfarclas in the future. Specifically, I tasted the 21 on several occasions, these notes are from a tasting of a lineup of older than 21 whiskys. These included also Glenlivet, Glenfiddich, Balvenie, and Jura, together with a 30 year old Whyte and Mackay blend.

Glenfarclas 21 (43% ABV, NC)

Color:  Amber, slow legs.

Nose:  Very sweet, floral, fresh sweet fruit, gentle spices – cinnnamon and nutmeg – heavy sherry but also notes of vanila and some smoky peat.

Taste:  Full body,  less wood than one would expect, hints of smoke and lemon permeate the sweet sherry malt.

Finish: long finish leaving some milk chocolate and nutmeg in the mouth.

This is my favorite Glenfarclas core range expression.

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