One Quick Dram: AnCnoc Tushkar Whisky Tasting Notes

This expression, the third in AnCnoc’s peated series, is limited to the Swedish market. No official reason was given, but it probably relates to stock size and availability.

In any event, Yoav of the Whisky Gospel blog, which is incidentally celebrating it’s first anniversry today (and has a cool giveaway of an 18 year old made by his favorite distillery – and I can’t tell you which becuase that’s part of the competiton, but if you want in – here’s the birthday post) shared these samples with me, and I thank him.

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Photo Credit;

The Tushkar is the most peated ot the trio, although I couldn’t tell the difference between the Flaughter’s 14.8 ppm and the Tushkar’s 15 ppm. You’ll find my reviews of the Rutter and Flaughter in the links.

AnCnoc Tushkar – 15 PPM after distillation (46% ABV, NC, NCF)

Color: Light straw, legs are well spaced.

Nose: Honeydew melon, sandlewood, honey, subtle peat, prickly pear leaves or alovera and pickles in brine.

Palate: Very briny, light and dry.

Linger: Short in the mouth but long warming in the stomach. Notes of sweet ash mixing with green fruit remaining.

This sample, like the Rutter and Flaughter, were shard with me by Yoav of the Whisky Gospel blog.

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