News: Compass Box Three Year Old Deluxe (51.6%)

John Glaser is going for it again, this time with a true three year old blend. Granted, only 1% of the whole blend is three years old – from Clynelish, while another 90% are older Clynelish whisky. The other 9% is from Talisker, again of an undisclosed age. The whisky is presented at a higher proof, of 51.6%.

What’s special about the three year old is the fact that Compass Box has actually lain the spirit in its own casks, and has thus mover from mere blender to a more versatile whisky house, with their own maturing stock! Congratulation!

What can we expect?

And on the back:

This is John Glaser basically saying “screw you” to the whole industry, and it definitely sounds like an expression to look forward to!

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