Mortlach 1978, 20 Year Old Rare Malt Selection (62.2%)

The UDV (Today’s Diageo) Rare Malt Selection was a series of bottlings released between 1995 and 2005, when they were replaced by the Diageo Special Releases. The idea, though, is basically the same: To release special expressions highlighting the Diageo distilleries. Like the Special Releases, some distilleries were released almost regularly (like Brora with 10 releases), while others had very few expressions (with several distilleries limited to a single release).

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Rare Malts Selection Mortlach 1978, 20 Years old, Released 1998,

Appearance: Copper with tiny droplets coming off a necklace.

Nose: Gentle sherry notes, the older type with that hint of burnt wax, honey, wood spices, hint of cooked clove and a freshness.

Palate: Thick and spicy, sweet with a warmness from the wood spice and a tart dryness.

Linger: Sweet with a bit of the burnt wax. Some of the sweetness on the tongue stays with a dryness on the inside of the cheeks. The linger is long, very dry and warm.


This is a lovely dram, with some layers of complexity. A great dram to publish on my birthday, while tonight I’ll indulge in a few birth year drams I’ve lined up for my birthday.

Cheers, Mr. M., We’ll celebrate your round one in person! 


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